Dramatically increase your team’s productivity with generative AI.

Reduce the time it takes to pull affiliate data by 90% 🤖.

Employees waste 5 weeks every year toggling between applications - HBR
How did we perform yesterday?

How much are custom data requests costing your business?

🤖 No more SQL queries. No more logging into disparate dashboards and BI tools with extensive data lags. Simply ask for the data you need in normal, everyday language within the chat apps you use today.

🙋 Ask Instant Assistant for whatever data you need.

Ask Instant Assistant for the data you need

Ad hoc requests.

Ad hoc data requests happen. Questions from the boss, quick status reports, and client fire drills. They only take a minute or two, but those minutes pile up, and so does the ensuing stress! Instant Assistant allows you to ask for that data in normal, everyday language directly in Teams.
Adhoc Data requests take time

Large data pulls.

QBR’s, performance reviews, or board meetings. Large-scale data retrieval is on-demand with Instant Assistant.

Simply ask for a batch of data based on its pre-trained commands.
Large data pulls take a lot of time

Bespoke data requests.

Bespoke data requests are the bane of data science and account management teams because they require custom built dashboards and looks, pivoting, JIRA tickets, SQL queries and more.

Instant Assistant vastly lessens the manual workflows for custom data requests.
Bespoke date requests usually don't even happen
Supercharge your affiliate data with the power of AI.

Better decisions in less time

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Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to use Instant Assistant™ from Affiliate.ai?


Instant Assistant will be £100 a month per account.

Can I trust that the AI is telling me the truth?


Instant Assistant is connected to your affiliate network data. If for any reason you find the data is incorrect please provide feedback.

Who can view my conversations?


As part of our commitment to a safe, responsible and accurate product we review conversations to improve our systems.

Will you use my conversations for training?


Yes, your conversations will be used by our AI trainers to improve our models.

How will you get my data?


With your permission we will pull the data needed directly from your affiliate network via their API.

When will you launch?


April 2023.

Which affiliate networks will you launch with?


We are in conversation with all of the major affiliate networks, but if you would like to encourage your network to launch quicker feel free to let them know.