Launches The World’s First AI-Powered Account Manager, Providing Insight And Strategic Suggestions Into Network Data

Rob Berrisford

Today,, the leading AI company in affiliate marketing, announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind AI-powered account management system designed specifically for the affiliate marketing industry. This groundbreaking system revolutionises how advertisers and agencies manage their affiliate programs by analysing network data and providing strategic suggestions based on AI analysis. seamlessly integrates with Awin and, to get instant access to the most up-to-date business data,.everaging proprietary AI technology to uncover actionable insights, enabling advertisers and agencies to optimise their affiliate programs like never before.

Simply by asking  to “ Run a monthly report for last month” on Microsoft Teams or Slack, will pull all the data needed, analyse it, and provide an Excel file with commentary and actionable insights along with strategic suggestions on what to prioritise for growth.

This marks a step change in the ability for networks, agencies and advertisers to run affiliate programs at scale, with speed and accuracy

Features and Benefits of

  • Strategic Suggestions: Beyond insights, provides specific, actionable strategies. Whether it's identifying underperforming affiliates, possible tracking problems, or partnerships to double down on, delivers strategies directly to you. Reports compare YOY metrics for revenue, sales and CR at an individual publisher level, pointing users towards areas for investigation and improvement including publisher diversity and publisher performance distribution.
  • Data Integration: Direct integrations with Awin and ensure that has access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date affiliate data simply
  • Proprietary AI Technology: Advanced algorithms and machine learning models analyse data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities, offering users a competitive edge.
  • Automated Efficiency: By automating some of the functions of an account manager, reduces the need for manual analysis, saving users time and resources, and provides instant access to your daily data.
  • Right in your laptop or mobile. Access directly from Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Rob Berrisford, Founder and CEO of, stated, “With this new release, we are not just offering insights; we are offering a roadmap to success. Our proprietary AI technology does not just analyse data; it interprets it to provide strategic advice that can be actioned immediately. This is the future of affiliate marketing management – intelligent, efficient, and results-driven and the best news is we are just getting started.”

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