About your data

How do you get your data?

We connect to the major affiliates via their standard APIs.

Can I trust the AI is telling me the truth?

Hallucinations get a lot of AI press and they do happen occasionally. We have lots of systems baked into our technology to ensure our systems don't make anything up. Our core testing set up is based on a series of known questions and known answers. We run these every time we make code changes meaning we can test our system for accuracy based on answering questions with those known knowns.

How do you store my data?

All of our data is stored on AWS and meets the highest enterprise security standards.

Will you use my conversations for training?

No, your data will not be used to train large language models.

Is your data encrypted


Who are you working with

Some of the worlds biggest networks and advertisers.

Which affiliate networks do you work with?

We are currently live with CJ, Rakuten, Awin and Impact. More to come soon.