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We are integrated with major affiliate networks, using the power of AI with no engineering needs

Privacy & security first

Enterprise level security as standard at all levels. Your network data will not be used in any LLM training

Your data in their chat

Or Teams, Slack and Google chatbots allow your clients to ask for the data they want where you are already

Affiliate Marketers spend 20% of their day pulling data

Instant Assistant increases the speed of data pulls by up to 90%

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Boost your productivity with our smart data tools

Get more done in your day using AI

Super charge your affiliate network data using AI

Use to do the heavy lifting


How much does it cost to use Instant Assistant?

Get in touch to discuss bespoke pricing for affiliate networks.

Can I trust the AI is telling me the truth

Yes Instant Assistant is connected to your data. We do a lot of work to prevent any hallucinations, including in-house systems using know knows and internal AI systems to check results.

Who can view my conversations?

You can ask our bot questions in public or private channels, but your data or those conversations are never shared outside of your organisation.

Will you use my conversations for training?

No, we do not use your conversations to train large language models.

How will you get my data?

We can pull network data directly from your brand or publisher APIs. Or get in touch to discuss a more bespoke integration.

When will you launch?

We are live, you can sign up here.

Which affiliate networks will you launch with?

We are currently live with Awin and More to come soon.

Supercharge your affiliate data with the power of AI

Better decisions in less time

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